Fiscal Year 2025-29 Transportation Improvement Program – Executive Summary

The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) is the Pikes Peak region’s designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The MPO boundaries are shown in Figure 1 below. PPACG is responsible for the coordination of programming of federal and state transportation and transit funds for transportation and transit projects throughout the Pikes Peak Region. PPACG collaboratively works with its member agencies, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Colorado Springs Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) agency to coordinate transportation planning and funding resources for a variety of projects that address regional and local transportation needs and objectives.

The PPACG Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the region’s short-range implementation plan of the vision and needs for the region that was identified in the Moving Forward 2045 Plan, the region’s long-range (20-year) plan. This TIP was developed with direction from PPACG’s Board of Directors (BOD) and input from its advisory committees.

Development of the PPACG TIP was done using the competitive project selection process from the region’s long-range regional transportation plan. PPACG member agencies submitted projects that were essential to the region’s transportation network. Projects submitted by member agencies were scored by PPACG staff and then further prioritized and selected by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), with final approval by the PPACG BOD.

The TIP contains those projects selected and programmed with federal, state and local funding and is consistent with the region’s Regional Transportation Plan and advances projects that enable the region to achieve the goals established by the regional transportation plan, FHWA, FTA and CDOT.

Boundary map of the Pikes Peak Metropolitan Planning Organization

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Boundary map of the Pikes Peak Metropolitan Planning Organization

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Map labels for:

  • El Paso County
  • Teller County
  • Monument
  • Palmer Lake
  • Woodland Park
  • Green Mountain Falls
  • Colorado Springs
  • Manitou Springs
  • Fountain
  • U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Peterson Space Force Base
  • Schriever Space Force Base
  • Fort Carson
  • Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station
  • Interstate 25
  • U.S. Highway 24
  • U.S. Highway 85
  • Colorado Highway 83
  • Colorado Highway 21
  • Colorado Highway 94
  • Legend Box titled PPACG MPO and label identifiers for Interstates and Highways, the MPO Boundary, the Department of Defense boundaries and municipal boundaries

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Map displaying the boundaries of the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Pikes Peak area; the city limits for Colorado Springs, Fountain, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake and Woodland Park; the boundaries for the United States Air Force Academy, Peterson Space Force Base, Schriever Space Force Base, Fort Carson and Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station; and the interstate, national and state highways.