Fiscal Year 2025-29 Transportation Improvement Program

Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Federal Requirements
    • Purpose
    • Relationship to LRTP
    • Consistency with other plans
    • Air Quality Conformity
    • Regionally Significant Projects
    • Public participation
    • Title VI and EJ Analysis
    • Transportation Performance Management
  3. PPACG TIP Development
    • Financial Plan
      • Summary of Funding Revenues and Expenditures
      • FY 2025-2029 Summary of Revenues and Expenditures
    • TIP Project Prioritization and Selection for Implementation
      • Project Screening
      • Project Evaluation
      • Project Selection
      • Project Carry Forwards and Roll Forwards
      • FY2022-2025 TIP Projects Completed and Delayed
      • Maintenance and Operations
      • Unscheduled Pool
  4. PPACG FY 2025-2029 Program of Projects
    • Summary of Projects
    • Link to electronic TIP database
  5. PPACG TIP Management
    • TIP Policies and procedures
    • TIP Revisions
    • Project sponsor and MPO responsibilites
  6. Performance Management
    • Transportation Performance Management
    • PPACG Performance Measures and Target Setting
    • Project Impacts

Appendix A: Roads Available for Federal Funding Within MPO

Appendix B: PPACG TIP Policies and Procedures

Appendix C: Conformity

Appendix D: Funding Sources

Appendix E: FY2023-2027 TIP Completed or Significantly Delayed Projects

Appendix F: FY2023-2027 TIP Project Descriptions Report

Appendix G: Unscheduled Pool

Appendix H: PPACG Performance Measures and Target Tables

Appendix I: EJ Analysis

Appendix J: Public Comments

Appendix K: Approval Documents and Assurances