Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Education Review

In 2022-2023, the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments conducted a community traffic safety education review for the Pikes Peak region. Through this effort, PPACG developed a better understanding of the agencies within the region that are engaged in safety education activities, what topics/issues they cover and whether there are any issues that are not being addressed sufficiently. This review report provides a matrix of existing efforts and group as well as a gap analysis and recommendations to guide future traffic safety education efforts. The report was adopted by the Board of Directors in October 2023, and is available for public viewing.

If you are involved in activities that are not reflected in this document, or for more information, contact PPACG transportation planner Danelle Miller at

PPACG Traffic Crashes Map

PPACG staff has compiled a web map of traffic crashes within the PPACG region, developed from crash data records compiled by CDOT from police accident reports filed with the state from each jurisdiction in the region. CDOT consolidates the police reports into a single database, removes personal identifying information, and then provides PPACG with an exported table of crash data records. The majority of the crash data records (greater than 99.99%) are mapped by successfully linear referencing or geocoding the records to routes or address information acquired from CDOT, the El Paso-Teller County E911 Authority, and Park County.

View the PPACG Traffic Crashes Map

Traffic Safety Campaign

Drive Smart Colorado, which is now housed under PPACG, was awarded a grant in the spring 2020 to create a traffic safety campaign within the area served by the PPACG. Below are the media spots that were created as part of this campaign as well as the Drive Smart Colorado Final Report to PPACG for this Social Media Traffic Safety Campaign. The goal was to create an impactful campaign focused on distracted driving and impaired driving, without the blood and guts often featured in traffic safety campaigns. The “SmashUp” approach was reasonable to produce from a cost perspective. The use of readily identifiable visual cues like the Colorado license plate frame conveyed at a glance the local nature of the messages. The color in the ads is visually compelling and the graphics get the message across quickly.

View the Drive Smart Colorado Final Report To PPACG For Social Media Traffic Safety Campaign