Board of Directors – June 12, 2024: 2023 Financial Audit

DATE: June 12, 2024

TO: PPACG Board of Directors

FROM: Carol McBroom, Finance Director

THROUGH: Andrew Gunning, Executive Director

SUBJECT: 2023 Financial Audit

ACTION REQUESTED: Review & Approve


In accordance with Board Policy, PPACG undergoes an annual audit. The attached audit was conducted in March 2024 for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023. The auditors have issued an unmodified report with no weaknesses, deficiencies, or audit findings. PPACG’s 2023 Independent Auditors Report and Management letter will be presented by Mr. Steve Hochstetter from Stockman Kast Ryan & Company.


The PPACG staff is requesting that the Board review the draft 2023 Management Letter and Audit and approve as final.


The PPACG Board of Directors approves the 2023 Management Letter and Audit as submitted by Stockman Kast Ryan & Company.


The Board of Directors has the following alternatives to consider:

  1. Approve the item as presented.
  2. Disapprove the item.
  3. Refer the item back to staff.