Board of Directors – July 10, 2024: Regional Visioning / Survey Project

DATE: July 10, 2024

TO: PPACG Board of Directors

FROM: Andrew Gunning, Executive Director

SUBJECT: Regional Visioning / Survey Project

ACTION REQUESTED: Information Only


Margaret Dolan, the chief executive officer with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, will brief the board on an exciting initiative that her organization will be leading beginning this fall, with the support of many other organizations across the region.  It involves a comprehensive survey of the community on needs throughout the region (in El Paso and Teller counties), what residents would like to protect as we grow, what they would like to see enhanced and improved upon, and many other factors. 

This will lead to a regional vision for the future. A similar exercise took place recently in Nashville, TN (Imagine Nashville), and across a longer period of time in the greater Wasatch Front/Salt Lake City region (Envision Utah).  These efforts can lead to improved regional coordination around a common vision for the future, with the public, private, philanthropic and educational sectors all working together to achieve a community-driven vision along with a mechanism to measure progress. 


Advocacy: Serve as an effective advocacy voice for common ground issues.

Information Sharing: Serve as a significant resource for PPACG members to collect and share information with regional partners.

Aging: Expand and extend senior access, awareness, education, and connectivity to support age-friendly communities and empower individual seniors.

Transportation: Maintain and improve a coordinated, validated plan for transportation needs across the PPACG region.

Program Excellence: Continue to excel in the key fundamental areas of PPACG:  Military support, Environmental programs, Transportation, Area Agency on Aging, and regional communication and collaboration.