Board of Directors – July 10, 2024: Executive Director’s Report

DATE: July 10, 2024

TO: PPACG Board of Directors

FROM: Andrew Gunning, Executive Director

SUBJECT: Executive Director’s Report

ACTION REQUESTED: Information Only

Area Agency on Aging

  • Staff attended The Colorado Commission on Aging “Future of Aging” conference in Loveland, on June 6.
  • Lucy Crandall, part-time staff in the Family Caregiver Support Center program hired to become Supervisor effective July 8, as Kent Mathews retires August 2.

Transportation Program

  • Continued making progress on the long-range transportation plan (development and outreach), including the Active Transportation Plan and the Specialized Transportation Plan
  • Continued DriveSmart and grant coordination efforts with the safety grant; conducted multiple presentations and outreach/engagement efforts
  • Attended the Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC), June 6
  • Held monthly coordination meeting with CDOT, FHWA, FTA and MMT, June 10
  • Attended the Statewide MPO meeting, June 13
  • Coordinated with the regional grant navigator, and attended the statewide navigator check-in meeting, June 25

Military Installation Resiliency

  • Worked with a coalition of partners to develop and submit a grant request for wildfire mitigation funds in the amount of $3.6 million.  Partners included US Forest Service, Colorado Springs Fire Department, Colorado Springs Fire Department, US Air Force Academy and Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station.  Hosted a visit by REPI staff and their consultant from Booz/Allen to visit the proposed locations. 
  • Held a Community Wildfire Education event for the Woodmen Valley, Woodmen Oaks, Thunderbird Estates and Peregrine neighborhoods, with speakers from USAFA, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Woodmen Valley Fire Department, and the Colorado Springs Fire Department. A dozen other community organizations that would assist during a wildfire had information booths at the event.
  • Submitted a grant request to the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation for a Military Installation Resiliency Review (approved June 26).
  • Held the first Senior Leadership Group (SLG) meeting June 17.  The SLG will oversee the MIRR grant and the table-top and critical infrastructure Needs Analysis.
  • Progress continues to be made by the consultants (Forestree Dev) on the development of three Community Wildfire Protection Plans.
  • Team members and staff have met with the USAFA, Fountain Creek Watershed District, El Paso County, Town of Monument and Forest Lakes Metro District to discuss feasibility of a stormwater remediation project on Jackson Creek for the benefit of USAFA.


  • Held a meeting with the executive committee PPACG board members, June 12
  • CDOT breakfast meeting with transportation commissioner Hannah Parsons and director Shane Ferguson, June 13
  • Attended Pikes Peak Community Foundation strategic plan unveiling event, June 13
  • Met with Western Governors’ Association, June 20
  • Met with Intermountain West MPO air quality work group, June 21
  • Attend El Pomar community conversation on water in the Pikes Peak region, June 26
  • Met with Fountain Mayor Sharon Thompson, city manager Scott Trainor, and Margaret Dolan, Pikes Peak Community Foundation, regarding regional visioning effort, June 28
  • Met with Colorado Springs Councilmember Lynette Crow-Iverson, and Margaret Dolan, Pikes Peak Community Foundation, regarding regional visioning effort, July 1

Strategic Plan Goals

Advocacy: Serve as an effective advocacy voice for common ground issues.

Information Sharing: Serve as a significant resource for PPACG members to collect and share information with regional partners.

Aging: Expand and extend senior access, awareness, education, and connectivity to support age-friendly communities and empower individual seniors.

Transportation: Maintain and improve a coordinated, validated plan for transportation needs across the PPACG region.

Program Excellence: Continue to excel in the key fundamental areas of PPACG:  Military support, Environmental programs, Transportation, Area Agency on Aging, and regional communication and collaboration.