Board of Directors – July 10, 2024: Active Transportation Plan

DATE: July 10, 2024

TO: PPACG Board of Directors

FROM: Jason O’Brien, Senior Transportation Planner

THROUGH: Andrew Gunning, Executive Director

SUBJECT: Regional Visioning / Survey Project

ACTION REQUESTED: Information Only


Feeding into the Long Range Transportation Plan are individual plans for different aspects of transportation like roadways, transit, freight, and active transportation. Active transportation includes walking, biking, and micromobility (e.g. scooters). Because the needs and issues of active transportation can be very distinct from other modes like roadways, a dedicated Active Transportation Plan can be helpful. It can also help create consistency and development of clear regional priorities, which is advantageous when pursuing state and federal funding. It can further help capture the unique benefits of active transportation for areas such as economic development, community vibrancy, and health, and it can examine active transportation safety.

There have been substantial changes to regional transportation patterns and needs since adoption of the previous Active Transportation Plan (2015), so an update is needed to accurately reflect the circumstances and present needs and opportunities of the region.

To date, early public process and an extensive consultation process with member governments and other stakeholders have been completed. A draft network of regional corridors has been generated based on consultation, engineering judgment, data, PPACG advisory committee processes, and other input.

In 2024, the project has received comment from TAC in March, April, and June; from CAC in February and May; and from the PPACG Board in March of 2024.


Information only.





Advocacy: Serve as an effective advocacy voice for common ground issues.

Information Sharing: Serve as a significant resource for PPACG members to collect and share information with regional partners.

Aging: Expand and extend senior access, awareness, education, and connectivity to support age-friendly communities and empower individual seniors.

Transportation: Maintain and improve a coordinated, validated plan for transportation needs across the PPACG region.

Program Excellence: Continue to excel in the key fundamental areas of PPACG:  Military support, Environmental programs, Transportation, Area Agency on Aging, and regional communication and collaboration.